​21 Things Guys Do That Girls Love!

There are many things a guy can do to woo a girl, but there are many other things that a girl could love about a guy even when he’s just being himself. Sometimes, it’s the little things like remembering to take home dinner for her when he’s eating out with his own friends. And at other times, it’s coaxing her instead of arguing with her or walking away when she says “I’m fine” and clearly, she’s not. 

These are the cute things guys do that girls just find irresistible:

1. He’s protective of his girl and doesn’t allow others to insult her 💙
2. When he smells great 😋
3. When he tries to tell a lie to her and gets caught. It’s cute how a guy in love can’t even lie to his girlfriend convincingly 😻
4. He falls asleep on her lap or on her chest 😴
5. He reveals his sensitive/emotional side to her, which is so unlike him 😓
6. He kisses his girl on her forehead to show his affection/ hugs her from behind/ gives her neck kisses 😘
7. It’s sweet when a boyfriend tries to cooks for his girlfriend, especially when he doesn’t know how to cook 🍗🍝
8. Sometimes he tries to show her off as a trophy wife because he’s so proud of her 🏆
9. He makes his girl feel loved and attractive all the time 🙈
10. A guy who gets along with kids and can communicate with them is so sweet 👪
11. He defends his girlfriend in an argument with someone else even when she is wrong 💝
12. He brings surprise gifts all the time. It could be a box of chocolates, tickets to a movie, flowers, even a very small nothing that’s from the heart 🎁
13. When he lets her steal his hoodies 👕
14. It’s very sweet when the guy sheepishly tries to make up after a fight 💑
15. When he takes charge and is decisive 🗣
16. When he touches you in a confident way – grabbing your hand to lead you through a crowd at a concert, touching the small of your back ever so gently 😍
17. When he strokes her hair or gives her a massage 💆
18. That special smirk all guys have where you ask them why they’re staring at you and they go “nothing.” It’s the “You’re so cute, I cant stop looking at you” smirk 🙈
19. Physical appearances like amazing body, beard, smile and veins 😍
20. When he rolls his sleeves up 😩
21. When he holds her hand while driving or in public/infront of his friends just to show that he is proud to have her 👫



Shruthi ❤


Author: Different is beautiful ❤

Sai Shruthi, 18. Indian blogger. My blog will be about Fashion, Food, Makeup, Beauty, Fitness, Travel and a lot more 🤗 Be in love with your life. Every minute of it ❤

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