Nose Shaper Review – Does it work? Or is it a gimmick?


Nose shaper claims to reduce the size and change the shape of your nose. 

They are popular in japan. The idea is that, the cartilage is malleable and constant pressure will force it to yeild the shape you want.


There are the two types of nose shapers.

How to use:

Use it for 20 minutes a day and you can see results in 3 to 5 weeks. You have to clamp the device to your nose.

It gives you a tingling and itching sensation. It feels very uncomfortable.


The cost varies depending on where you are purchasing it. It is cheaper on amazon and ebay. And I got it for Rs.200 (approx $3) for both.

Final verdict / Overall review:

You can definitely see results. But they are not permanent. It works differently for different people. So just give it a try.

Personally, it worked for me. My nose looks better now. But if I stop using it for a couple of weeks, my nose gets back to it’s original shape and size. 

Here are a few realistic before and after pictures:


Shruthi ❤


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